Quality and excellence are the key words that mark every phase and resource of our clinic. Our collaborators, materials, infrastructures, and service are of the highest level and every detail is carefully seen to.

The patient is followed constantly, both before and after the procedure: dialogue, seeking the best solutions, understanding expectations, and continual monitoring are the main elements that set our clinic apart from others.

The patient finds maximum comfort in an elegant, functional, and reserved setting in modern structures with top-notch services, cutting-edge technical support, and a staff of highly qualified specialists who work with both professionalism and courtesy.

This is a complete structure that guarantees each patient expertise and quality in pleasant, innovative, and exclusive surroundings.


Our infrastructures were conceived according to an innovative logic capable of combining comfort and efficiency. The attention paid to spatial planning has allowed us to create a comfortable, functional, and discreet environment.

The quality of our clinic also lies in the technology made available to the patient to meet his or her every need. The raw materials and cutting-edge equipment are selected with maximum care. The characteristic excellence in terms of quality and technology guarantee maximum technical security, safety, and health care.

The clinic offers its patients:

  • three private and discreet waiting rooms
  • three examination rooms
  • Dr. Bronz’s private office with three rooms equipped for post-op care
  • two fully-equipped operating rooms
  • a laser treatment room
  • a recovery room for awakening and monitoring
  • an anaesthesia service provided by specialists with round-the-clock assistance
  • access to the hospitals and private clinics where Dr. Bronz collaborates
  • top quality accommodations with pre-arranged hotels


The Giorgio Bronz Clinic philosophy regarding patient approach can be summarised by the following statements:

“Liking ourselves is subjective. However, it is often important to discuss the matter with a specialist to understand if our own perception is truly correct. Beauty lies in the harmony of various elements: discussions and comparisons give rise to a solution. Only thanks to dialogue with the patient with a view to understanding his or her doubts, desires and expectations is it then possible to work together to find the best solution for harmonizing face and body. For me, it is important to understand the patient, to reach an agreement.”

“I love to operate. However, for me it is very important to first create a relationship with the patient. The time spent during consultations and examinations is decisive for verifying, for understanding. During our meetings before the procedures, I attempt to find a mutual understanding.”

“In my opinion, constant monitoring of the patient is also fundamental. After the procedure, maximum attention is paid to following the evolution and healing processes. I personally follow-up on the results of the procedure on a regular basis. Fullow-up is continuous for at least one year. I truly take the time to talk with the patient and listen to his or her feelings, in direct and constant contact.”