Abdominoplasty involves cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin and fat tissues in the abdomen. Moreover, the muscles are repositioned, resulting in a firmer and more youthful appearance. This procedure can also remove stretch marks in the lower part of the abdomen.

Anaesthesia and hospitalization

Abdominoplasty can only be done under general anaesthesia and can last two or three hours. Four to five days of hospitalization are required.


Following the operation, an elastic girdle must be worn for about six weeks. Sutures are removed between 5 and 14 days later. The result is already visible after three weeks.

Fee note

CHF 11.000,00 – 13.500,00*

The price includes: consultation (200 CHF detracted in case of surgery), operation , anaesthesiologist, use of operating room, post operation visit until one year after surgery.

*The price may change regarding the patient’s request (choice of the infrastructure for the operation, demand of additional services)