Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct, by increasing or reducing, the chin so that it better suits the rest of the face.

Anaesthesia and hospitalization

Mentoplasty may be performed either under general or local anaesthesia in the presence of the anaesthetist (stand-by). It may be performed either in a day hospital or with hospitalisation. The procedure usually lasts about thirty minutes.


Following the procedure, an elastic chin support must be worn for 3-5 days. Swelling usually disappears in about two weeks. Sutures (inside the mouth) are removed between the seventh and the ninth day after the operation.

Fee note

Mentoplasty (augmentation)
CHF 4.500,00 – 5.500,00*
Mentoplasty (reduction)
CHF 5.000,00 – 6.000,00*

The price includes: consultation (200 CHF detracted in case of surgery), operation , anaesthesiologist, use of operating room, post operation visit until one year after surgery.

*The price may change regarding the patient’s request (choice of the infrastructure for the operation, demand of additional services)