Following the total or partial removal of the breast due to tumour-related illness, the breast can be reconstructed with different techniques as needed. Matching breasts of different sizes (symmetrisation) is carried out through augmentation, reduction, lifting, or combined lifting and augmentation. Reconstruction can be carried out immediately during the removal of the tumour (primary reconstruction) or subsequently, after healing (secondary reconstruction).

Anaesthesia and hospitalization

Reconstruction procedures are almost always done under general anaesthesia. Hospitalization varies according to the illness and the technique applied. The duration varies according to the zone undergoing treatment (one or both breasts).


Medication includes the application of specific antiallergic plasters and the use of an elasticized bra beginning on the second day. Swelling tends to disappear in about a week, while potential bruises will take two to three weeks to disappear. Depending on the technique used, sutures may be internal or external. In the latter case they will be removed after 7-14 days.