Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improving the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose by adapting it harmoniously to other facial features. The intervention calls for the reduction and/or remodelling of the cartilaginous and bony structure.

Anaesthesia and hospitalization

Rhinoplasty may be performed either under general or local anaesthesia in the presence of the anaesthetist (stand-by). The patient remains hospitalized for one to three nights. The procedure usually lasts about one hour.


When the procedure is finished, the nose is dressed with a plastic protection that will be removed after a week and replaced with flesh-coloured plasters that must be used for about one week. The day after the operation, the nasal tampons are removed. Swelling tends to disappear in about a week, while bruises will take two to three weeks to disappear. Internal sutures are used and do not require removal. After eight days, potential bruises may be covered with make-up.

Fee note

CHF 8.500,00 – 10.500,00*

The price includes: consultation (200 CHF detracted in case of surgery), operation , anaesthesiologist, use of operating room, post operation visit until one year after surgery.

*The price may change regarding the patient’s request (choice of the infrastructure for the operation, demand of additional services)