Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation

Some non-surgical treatments are defined as “mini-invasive” and are used to improve the appearance of wrinkles. These treatments cannot be used for sagging skin and are not a substitute for a face lift. There are essentially three types of treatments: Botulinum toxin, filler and peeling.

Botulinum toxin

The botulinic toxin is a biological toxin transformed into a therapeutic agent for treating wrinkles caused by facial muscular contractions. It is the ideal treatment for the vertical wrinkles at the bottom of the nose and for treating so-called “crow’s feet”. The treatment is not permanent and must be repeated every 4-6 months.

Filler/Hyaluronic acid

This treatment involves the injection of substances into the skin to fill small wrinkles and increase the volume of limited areas. Today the most commonly used substance is hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in all our cells. The treatment is not permanent and must be repeated every 6-12 months. In selected cases, the patient’s own body fat may be used as a filler (lipofilling).

Hyaluronic acid injection
From CHF 650,00


This procedure is used to treat wrinkles, liver spots, scars and other skin blemishes. It may be done with chemical agents or with a laser (resurfacing).

Anaesthesia and hospitalization

These treatments are performed in a day hospital. In the case of laser peeling, local anaesthesia is used. Other types of treatments do not require anaesthesia. The duration of the procedure depends on the technique decided upon during the examination and the area to be treated.


The results of Botulinum toxin become visible after about one week. Instead, filler gives immediate results. Laser peeling causes redness of the skin that may last varying lengths of time. After two weeks, the redness may be covered with make-up. Medication varies according to the type of treatment chosen.

Fee note

LASER Resurfacing face
CHF 9.600,00 – 12.000,00*
Hyaluronic acid
from CHF 800*

The price includes: consultation (200 CHF detracted in case of surgery), operation , anaesthesiologist, use of operating room, post operation visit until one year after surgery.

*The price may change regarding the patient’s request (choice of the infrastructure for the operation, demand of additional services)